OpenBIO - An open platform for modern operations

The OpenBIO family from Panacea Technologies is designed to be the high functioning center piece of your laboratory, process development, and manufacturing operations. With features like automated feeds, a substantial amount of setpoint and process control algorithms, recipe and formula driven software, and a tablet-based interface OpenBIO will give you the flexibility, scalability, and reliability you expect from modern laboratory systems.

Whether your application requires a single Bioreactor or a campus of several hundred, configuration is straightforward and seamless as your requirements expand. This innovative platform allows you to run recipes and formulas on any fermenter in your system, view every fermenter from anywhere, and receive role based remote notifications.

Innovation at a Glance

  • Operators can interact with any fermenter unit from anywhere with a mobile control station solution
  • Ethernet based architecture extends component lifecycles and increases data collection options
  • Remote notification and alarm system keeps batches and experiments running around the clock by informing staff of critical events even when they are off-site
  • Built with open sourced, non-proprietary components stocked locally by most distributors
  • Premier integration with Process Analytical Technology (PAT) software and optical analyzer platforms for chemometric analysis and multivariate control
  • Hybrid-cloud based architecture makes adding Bioreactors as easy as plugging in a network cable
OpenBIO Cutsheet
OpenBIO MAX Cutsheet

OpenBIO Standard Features

  • Recipe driven software allowing customized formulas to run on any bioreactor
  • Automatic feeds
  • Onsite hybrid-cloud with redundancy and secure back-ups
  • Expandable number of weight scales
  • Expandable MFCs
  • Ethernet based variable speed Agitator Motor
  • Tablet HMIs (Windows, Android, or iOS)
  • Extensive options for experiment parameter control with ability to add custom algorithms
  • Gas mixing assembly with up to three separate inlet gases for custom mixed gas additions
  • High accuracy Temperature probe and Heating Jacket
  • Spare Analog and Digital I/O connections allowing on demand customization
  • pH, Temperature, and Dissolved Oxygen transmitters
  • Expandable peristaltic pumps

OpenBIO Vessel Sizes and Options

  • OpenBIO supports glass, single use, and rocker vessels up to 250L
  • OpenBIO MAX supports single use vessels 250L and above
  • New vessels can be provided, or existing vessels may be used as part of a retrofit
  • Unique vessel, cooling, heating, and probe selection, etc. can be accommodated

Deployment and Support

  • Turn-key options ranging from a single Bioreactor to several hundred Bioreactors
  • Testing, initial setup, and validation included with each deployment
  • Yearly support contract options are available that include instrument calibration
  • A dedicated design team is ready to engineer client specific requirements and customizations
  • Training and simulation stations are available

Open Platform, Open Pricing

OpenBIO is built utilizing standard, off the shelf components and configured with standard control and visualization software. Our philosophy is to provide a platform you are in control of. This philosophy extends to our pricing model.

We have provided a pricing configurator that allows you to generate budgetary estimates for our standard OpenBIO platform configured for your specific application. Although this estimate is based on our standard model, we routinely provide customizations to match every process and site-specific need and preference.

For a complete budgetary estimate including scale models, visualization software, and network hardware you can provide your email address in the estimation tool.

The estimate for each OpenBIO includes:

  • Standard hardware
    • MFCs (Select your quantity)
    • Front mounted Peristaltic Pumps (Select your quantity)
    • Control hardware
    • Gas mixing assembly
    • Ethernet based agitator motor and adaptor plate
    • Heating blanket
  • Standard transmitters
    • Weigh scale (Select your quantity)
    • pH, and DO (Select your quantity)
    • Temperature
  • Standard software
    • Automatic feed and setpoint shift algorithms
    • Control and data acquisition/transmission
  • Standard delivery
    • Testing
    • Documentation
    • Delivery and startup support

Provide your E-Mail address for a follow-up contact:

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